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SynthoGraft™ Pure Phase Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate

Particle Size Volume Vials Part Number
50-500μm 0.25g 5 260-400-125
50-500μm 0.50g 5 260-400-150
50-500μm 1.00g 5 260-400-151
50-500μm 2.00g 5 260-400-152
500-1000μm 0.25g 5 260-400-525
500-1000μm 0.50g 5 260-400-500
500-1000μm 1.00g 5 260-400-501
500-1000μm 2.00g 5 260-400-502


Bone Graft Syringe

Description Part Number
4.0mm Bone Graft Syringe 260-801-510
5.0mm Bone Graft Syringe 260-801-511


bone graft syringe SynthoGraft


SynthoGraft™ Considerations

Indications and Usage:

  • SynthoGraft™ is designed for the filling and/or reconstruction of a traumatic or degenerative multi-walled bone defect, augmentation of the sinus floor, augmentation of an atrophied alveolar ridge, filling of periodontal or other alveolar bone defects, tooth sockets, and osteotomies, and preservation of the alveolus for an implant osteotomy.



  • SynthoGraft™ should only be used by or under the supervision of trained personnel with experience in surgical techniques.
  • Do not use SynthoGraft™ if package has been opened, damaged, or if the expiration date has passed.
  • Do not compromise blood supply to the surgical site.
  • Do not apply SynthoGraft™ unless it is wetted with the patient’s blood.
  • Do not wet SynthoGraft™ with any solution (e.g. physiological saline, NaCl, or antibiotics) other than the patient’s blood.
  • Do not mix SynthoGraft™ with any other bone grafting material.
  • Do not overfill surgical site.
  • Do not re-sterilize SynthoGraft™.
  • Discard any unused SynthoGraft™ particles.
  • Use sutures and/or membranes to prevent migration of particles.
  • SynthoGraft™ is packaged and sterilized for single use only.


synthograft 1a

SynthoGraft's unique design provides for an optimal environment for bone regeneration. With both micro-porosity and nano-porosity, SynthoGraft has a greater surface area compared to other synthetic bone grafting materials — allowing for ideal bone regeneration. As a pure synthetic material, SynthoGraft does not have the inherent risks associated with biologically-derived bone graft materials.

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