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Drill Unit & Handpieces

Description Part Number
Electric Drill System (Universal)* 260-028-150
Motor for Drill Unit 260-028-425
20:1 High Torque Handpiece 260-028-201
20:1 Low Torque Handpiece 260-028-202

*Only the 20:1 High Torque Handpiece (260-028-201) is necessary when using this drill unit.


drill unit 2b instrumentation


Handpiece Considerations

  • The 400:1 handpiece has sufficient torque to cut through bone at 50 RPM.
  • The 20:1 handpiece is designed to be used with the pilot drill at ~1,100 RPM with external irrigation.
  • Irrigation is not necessary at speeds of 50 RPM or lower.
  • Failure to observe speed limitation may result in burned or overheated bone which could result in substantial bone necrosis.
  • The 20,000 RPM Air Motor attaches to conventional four hole dental tubing and is an alternative to the electric drill unit.
  • Air pressure of at least 80 PSI is recommended to drive the air motor with sufficient torque in dense bone.
  • Proper maintenance of handpieces is crucial for long term success of handpieces. See reference.
  • Do not exceed 135°C (275°F) when sterilizing.
  • In order to prevent discoloration and/or damage to the plating of the handpieces from chemicals that are not sufficiently cleaned from other instruments, do not autoclave the handpieces with other instruments.
  • Always check the handpiece for any abnormal vibration, heating, noise, or sluggish operation. If any abnormality is noticed, cease the use of the handpiece.